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Welcome to our themed Number Activities Archives

Life Cycles

Practicing Patterns
(N1.2) Practicing Patterns.PNG
 Pattern Movement
 Reach for Great Heights
(N2.4) Reach for Great Heights.PNG
Measuring Lengths
(N3.4) Measuring Lengths.PNG

Design and Creation

Building blocks
(N7.1) Building Blocks.PNG
Math in architecture
(N11.2) Math in Architecture.PNG
Math in art
(N3.5) Math in Art.PNG
(N6.4) Playing With Patterns.PNG

"I Love"

Finding path in our path
(N12.2) Finding Math in Our Path.PNG
High five countdown
(N6.6) High Five Countdown.PNG
Fingers and Toes
(N1.5) Fingers and Toes.PNG
The Numerosity of our bodies
(IN.5) The Numerosity of our Bodies.PNG

Change and Transformation

One More, One lESS
(N5.4) One More, One Less.PNG
fraction Feast
(N5.2) Fraction Feast.PNG
Fun with play dough
(N1.6) Fun With Play Dough.PNG
Hot and cold all around the world
(N9.4) Hot  And Cold Around The World.PNG.png

Back to School

clock talks
(N1.3) Clock Talks.PNG
calendar conversations
(N2.6) Calendar Conversations.PNG
days of the week
(N4.6) Days Of The Week.PNG
what is the temperature today
(N5.1) What is the Temperature Today_.PNG

Lazy Days of Summer

Count Your Steps
(N3.1) Count Your Steps.PNG
Addition scavenger hunt
(N9.1) Addition Scavenger Hunt!.PNG
Count on nature
(IN.13) Count On Nature.PNG
Design is everywhere
(N9.3) Math in Nature.PNG.png

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