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Welcome to our themed Number Activities Archives

At Home

Fun with measruing
(N3.6) Fun With Measuring.PNG
sorting and counting
(N11.1) Sorting and counting.PNG
finding fractions
(N4.3) Finding Fractions!.PNG

Water Safety

The water activities provided on this website are intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. They are not intended to replace professional advice, training, or supervision. The website owners and operators are not responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses that may result from participating in these activities. Participants should always exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when engaging in any water activities. Participants should also be aware of the risks and hazards involved in water activities, such as drowning, hypothermia, infections, injuries, etc. Participants should consult their physician before engaging in any water activities if they have any medical conditions or concerns.

Sink or float?
(N) Sink or Float_.PNG
Bathtub science
(N) Bathtub Science.PNG
Skipping stones
(N) Skipping Stones.PNG
Wave-tastic measuring
(N) Measuring Waves.PNG
Get Splishy Splashy
(N) Splashing in Puddles.PNG

Exploring the Outdoors

Creating constellations
(N11.6) Creating constellations.PNG
Birds! birds! everywhere!
(IN.4) Birds! Birds! Everywhere!.PNG
How does your garden grow?
How Does Your Garden Grow_.PNG
Tic Tac Toe
(IN.1) Tic Tac Toe.PNG

Get Moving

Jump Rope - Numeracy.PNG
(N2.2) Time Your Steps.PNG
(N5.3) Hopscotch Fun.PNG


Nume says clap your hands
Nume Says Clap your Hands!.PNG
Rhyme n’ Rhythm
(N11.3) Rhyme n’ Rhythm.PNG
Singing our way to 100
(IN.9) Singing Our Way to 100.PNG
Break Up the Music
(N12.1) Break Up the Music.PNG

Life Cycles

Practicing Patterns
(N1.2) Practicing Patterns.PNG
 Pattern Movement
 Reach for Great Heights
(N2.4) Reach for Great Heights.PNG
Measuring Lengths
(N3.4) Measuring Lengths.PNG

Design and Creation

Building blocks
(N7.1) Building Blocks.PNG
Math in architecture
(N11.2) Math in Architecture.PNG
Math in art
(N3.5) Math in Art.PNG
(N6.4) Playing With Patterns.PNG

"I Love"

Finding Math in our path
(N12.2) Finding Math in Our Path.PNG
High five countdown
(N6.6) High Five Countdown.PNG
Fingers and Toes
(N1.5) Fingers and Toes.PNG
The Numerosity of our bodies
(IN.5) The Numerosity of our Bodies.PNG

Change and Transformation

One More, One lESS
(N5.4) One More, One Less.PNG
fraction Feast
(N5.2) Fraction Feast.PNG
Fun with play dough
(N1.6) Fun With Play Dough.PNG
Hot and cold all around the world
(N9.4) Hot  And Cold Around The World.PNG.png

Back to School

clock talks
(N1.3) Clock Talks.PNG
calendar conversations
(N2.6) Calendar Conversations.PNG
days of the week
(N4.6) Days Of The Week.PNG
what is the temperature today
(N5.1) What is the Temperature Today_.PNG

Lazy Days of Summer

Count Your Steps
(N3.1) Count Your Steps.PNG
Addition scavenger hunt
(N9.1) Addition Scavenger Hunt!.PNG
Count on nature
(IN.13) Count On Nature.PNG
Design is everywhere
(N9.3) Math in Nature.PNG.png

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