Frequently Asked  Questions

Are the activities free?


How does ToyBox Manitoba work?

A few times every year we send out three activities each week for six weeks via email. In order to receive the activities you must complete one of two consent forms. You can choose to give us feedback as you receive the activities, or you can choose to receive activities without giving feedback.

Why do you need feedback?

ToyBox Manitoba is actually a project founded by Dr. Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk at The University of Winnipeg. Feedback helps us when applying for funding, reporting back to our supporters, and to improve the activities!

How are the activities developed?

ToyBox Manitoba activities were developed by Manitoban educators, parents, and developmental studies students at The University of Winnipeg. They all start with an idea from a team member. They are then developed into an activity with a beginner, intermediate, and experienced levels, and given a title and description. Next we find an academic and peer-reviewed resource that backs up the activity, or make changes to it in order to align with completed research. Finally, we create a brief and detailed why that explain the reasoning behind the activity. The activities are then edited again by one or more groups of research assistants hired by ToyBox Manitoba to ensure they are clear, easy, inclusive, low resource, and valuable!

Who developed the Indigenous activities?

The Indigenous activities were developed by a group of developmental studies students at The University of Winnipeg. This group was formed solely by Indigenous students who made it their goal to look at literacy, numeracy, and wellness from a cultural perspective. These activities are special to the ToyBox Manitoba team because they come from a place many of us do not have knowledge and they are a step towards making the project as inclusive as possible!

Will I need to purchase supplies to do the activities?

No! ToyBox Manitoba was developed to be as inclusive and approachable as possible. The activities can all be done using things around you, whether that be indoors or out!

Why are there no age levels or gender suggestions on the activities?

The ToyBox Manitoba activities are all so different just like the children doing them! We believe that putting age levels or gender suggestions on our activities might limit a child's ability to grow at their own rate. One child may be a rockstar at literacy but struggle with numeracy, while another child may be the opposite! Our biggest goal is to help families practice literacy, numeracy, and wellness at home regardless of age or gender.

What if I have children of different ages and abilities?

Each activity comes with three levels, Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced. They were developed in these levels so that each child can progress at their own pace and so that each child can do the same activity in way that suits their abilities.

Are the activities available in other languages?

The activities are not available in any other languages yet. This is one of our goals for the future and we look forward to making ToyBox Manitoba accessible to even more families!

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