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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the activities free?

Yes– all of our literacy, numeracy, and wellness activities are available for free!

How does ToyBox Manitoba work?

New activities are posted on the website every month, and we also send out activities a few times each year via email to get public feedback. You can choose to receive activities via email with or without giving feedback, but your support helps us to improve the project for all families! A simple consent form is required by the University of Winnipeg to give feedback.

Why do you need feedback?

ToyBox Manitoba was founded by Dr. Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk at the University of Winnipeg. Your feedback helps us apply for funding, when reporting back to our supporters, and to improve activities!

How are the activities developed?

ToyBox Manitoba activities are developed by educators, caregivers, and high school interns, as well as psychology, developmental studies, and education students at the University of Winnipeg. Activities are written by individual team members and are then collaboratively edited and supported by peer-reviewed research to ensure they are accessible, inclusive, and easy to follow!

Will I need to purchase supplies to do the activities?

No! ToyBox Manitoba was developed to be as inclusive and accessible as possible. Activities can be done using things around you, whether indoors or outside!

Why are there no age levels or gender suggestions on the activities?

We recognize that all children have unique interests and develop at their own rate. One child may be a rockstar with numbers and struggle to read, while another may have great communication skills and have a hard time with anxiety. Our biggest goal is to help families have fun practicing literacy, numeracy, and wellness at home regardless of age, gender, and ability.

What if I have children of different ages and abilities?

Each literacy and numeracy activity has three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced. This allows children to enjoy the same activity in a way that suits their individual growth, and to progress at their own pace.

Are the activities available in other languages?

Activities are not available in any other languages– yet! This is one of our goals for the future and we look forward to making ToyBox Manitoba accessible to even more families across Canada.

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