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Number Activities

Try these four number-related activities with your children this month!

Number Activities help children develop mathematical skills in fun & engaging ways by practicing concepts like money, counting, temperature, time, and patterns. These activities are designed to be fun and to foster curiosity for numbers!


Our activities can be done while shopping for groceries, during walks, on the bus or in the car, or while sorting laundry & toys. Each activity has three different levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Experienced. Each level also comes with a tip to get you started, if you're unsure how to begin. ToyBox Manitoba activities are levelled based on difficulty, with no recommended age limits, so you can have meaningful interactions and allow your child to learn at their own speed.

Clock talks
(N1.3) Clock Talks.PNG

Talk About Time in Everyday Situations!

(N2.6) Calendar Conversations.PNG

How Many Days Until... ?

Days of the week?
(N4.6) Days Of The Week.PNG

What Day Is It?

What is the temperature today?
(N5.1) What is the Temperature Today_.PNG

Will I Need a Hat?

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