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Welly Says
Show Me Your Happy Face!


Play the game Welly Says with friends and family. 

[Tip]: One person stands in front of everyone else, giving and demonstrating an instruction using “Welly Says” at the beginning of their statement. The group copies this instruction. At random, the leader will give an instruction without using the words “Welly Says” and the group should then not copy them. If someone in the group does the action then they are out of the game.

Why is this important?

Playing variation games like Wellys Says allows children to practice listening, attentional control, physical activity, and self-regulation. This game also requires the use of working memory which is important for child development.

(L12.4) Welly Says.PNG

Reference: Borgmann, K. W. U., Risko, E. F., Stolz, J. A., & Besner, D. (2007). Simon says: reliability and the role of working memory and attentional control in the simon task. Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, 14(2), 313–319.

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