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Chapter 9: Strategic Planning Outcomes

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In 2021, ToyBox committed to the following areas of continued project development:


(1) Communication Strategy: Our website was created and social media presence expanded to include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 


(2) Governance, Copyright & Legal Matters: Legal advice was sought to establish branding rights and copyright for all graphic designs and activities.

(3) Research Planning: A publication development plan was made to evaluate literacy and numeracy learning activities, as well as to evaluate mentorship on the project.


(4) Business/Strategic Plan: The University of Winnipeg's Faculty of Business donated an office space to create a presence for the project in the heart of Downtown Winnipeg. Business students were recruited to provide marketing guidance.


(5) Indigenous Ways of Knowing: Team members have had the honour of visiting Tataskweyak Cree Nation/Split Lake and Misipawistik Cree Nation/Grand Rapids, to learn about each community's unique perspectives.

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