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ToyBox Team Members Present at Early Learning and Child Care Conference

February 1 & 2, 2024

The recent Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre's Early Learning and Child Care Conference was a great opportunity for the TOYBOX team to share the project with First Nations dedicated to early childhood care and education. Attendees travelled from diverse communities to engage in discussions, workshops, and presentations aimed at enriching the educational experiences of Indigenous children.

ToyBox team members presented on "TOYBOX Activities for Caregivers and Children." Led by Madison, Sheri-Lynn, Jeannie, and Meagan, the team shared the purpose of the ToyBox project and discussed avenues for community support. Participants shared insights into childhood activities and learning experiences within their communities.

Both sessions had a remarkable turnout, with sessions reaching full capacity. Attendees were actively engaged, contributing questions and participating in discussions that highlighted the significance and impact of the project. A number of communities expressed interest in collaborating with or supporting the ToyBox project. Individuals from these communities not only signed up for additional information but also expressed their readiness to organize similar events within their communities. Team members were excited to learn about the eagerness to be involved and the connections built during these sessions.

How can you help?

  • Follow us on social media and share our project

  • Host a TOYBOX event in your community

  • Participate in strategy development

  • Volunteer or join our team!

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