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Bubble Blast!

On June 30th, 2022, the ToyBox team joined the UWSA Daycare for its annual family BBQ.

The BBQ was an opportunity for the UWSA families to gather and have some fun, which included play-based learning with the ToyBox team. At the BBQ, the team set up an area where children could play and learn with bubbles. There was a bubble machine that made hundreds of bubbles for children to try and pop or watch as they floated away in the wind. We also had a giant bubble maker where children could try to make bubbles bigger than they were, experimenting along the way!

We practiced numeracy skills such as counting the bubbles as they were popped and describing the different sizes of the bubbles. Children expanded and used literacy skills as they were encouraged to describe how the bubbles looked and felt, as well as how they behaved as they floated through the air. To spark thinking and creativity we asked them to think about how they could use different household items to make bubbles such as pipe cleaners and we displayed the science behind how bubbles are made!

ToyBox also handed out bubbles for children to take home, as well as a card copy of a learning strategy parents could use while their children were playing with the bubbles. ToyBox wants to inspire and share ideas on how to create learning opportunities for their children through play and simple everyday affairs.


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