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Lil' Steps Wellness Farm

Lil' Steps Wellness Farm

On June 27, the Toybox Team travelled to Lil' Steps Wellness Farm in St. Malo, MB.

We learned about the social and emotional work that they do with children through animal therapy and met with elleRoy Consulting to learn more about marketing. We met many animals, including sheep, goats, a pig, miniature ponies, horses, cats, dogs, baby goats, and a baby piglet! We had a great day spending time with Lucy and her animals learning about the techniques used in animal therapy.

elleRoy Consulting was extremely helpful with marketing and providing advice on how to improve our website. We learned the importance of the website and how it is a central navigation point for all audience members. Because of this, we can see how important it is to ensure our website is accessible and legible.

From a graphics perspective, it was very inspiring to see the picture books, toys, and packaging that Lil' Steps Wellness Farm has created, as well as to learn the importance that graphics have in branding and on the website.

The drive back to Winnipeg was filled with discussion and excitement from our experience earlier in the day. From brainstorming new strategies to marketing and graphics creation, everyone was feeling motivated to get new ideas flowing. This visit also inspired Sophia to explore possible mentorship opportunities with Lucy!

Overall, the team had a great day! We felt that the trip to the farm allowed for meaningful connections to be further made, with the team members as well as the community.

It was nice to get out of the office to visit animals and meet new people! Lil' Steps Wellness Farm is a welcoming and inclusive place, and we had the best time visiting the farm and learning about all the important work they do!


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