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Inspiring Young Minds: Climate Change Education

Climate Change Book Unveiling

April 22, 2024

The TOYBOX team visited École Constable Finney School and met Mx M’s Grade 4 class. The Grade 4 class learned about the TOYBOX project and designed a storybook on climate change and sustainability. The TOYBOX Manitoba Team worked alongside the Prairie Climate Centre (PCC) to develop new activities supporting climate change and sustainability conversations for families. These activities included building environmental awareness and landmark permanence. We also created a TOYBOX event involving a compass.

Students in M’s class invited their friends and family to a storybook unveiling party. There was a fantastic turnout, as all students attended and brought 1-4 guests with them! During the opening remarks, Sheri-Lynn introduced our new climate change booklet. The Prairie Climate Centre explained the importance of climate awareness using their climate atlas.

Students from M’s class presented a storybook about a field trip to the beach, inspired by TOYBOX. Each student became a writer and illustrator of their own page in the book.

Students then participated in a scavenger hunt using the new compass activity. Children were divided into two groups –easy and advanced versions— to do the scavenger hunt. Children in the easy version worked with becoming familiar with following written directions. The advanced version included using a compass to learn the four directions (North, South, East and West). Both versions included counting steps.


In conclusion, the storybook unveiling and the scavenger hunt brought the community of Constable Finney together with TOYBOX and Prairie Climate Center.

Written by: Taylor Bear, Yeong Shin

To view the first climate activities, click the button below!

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