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Insights and Innovations from the AIM Conference

A Journey from Research to the Classroom

May 16th and 17th, 2024

The Assessment and Instruction in Mathematics (AIM) conference was held in Ottawa, Ontario, where team members Jessica Shapiro and Cynthia Black joined Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk for a second year in a row to learn and participate in discussions about mathematics assessments, instructions and interventions. The AIM summit encouraged collaboration between researchers and educators through panel discussions and breakout sessions on topics such as math intervention tools, the role of language learning and math achievement, and building and implementing effective math interventions. We were able to learn from the top researchers and educators in the field of math assessments, instructions and interventions.

Jessica Shapiro, Cynthia Black, Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk, and educator Sarah Melo, presented on “From Research to the Classroom: The TOYBOX Project” as a plenary talk. The presentation covered the objectives of TOYBOX, insights gained from our previous research, preliminary findings from our current study, the role of community in the project, and our next steps. If you are interested in watching our presentation, it is available to watch on our website!

I learned the power of collaboration between researchers and educators in developing meaningful research questions that are directly applicable to classroom settings, ensuring that research findings can be effectively implemented in educational practices. The AIM conference was an amazing opportunity to connect and network with like-minded professionals across Canada. By the end of the conference, I made many impactful connections. [Jessica]

I appreciate AIM for bringing educators and researchers from across Canada together, giving us an opportunity to network, connect, and learn alongside each other. Throughout the conference I made valuable connections with both educators and researchers. As a recently graduated teacher, I gained many insights on the most recent research and left the conference with a list of resources that I can use in my classroom. [Cynthia]

Thank you to the AIM Summit for having us!

Written by: Jessica Shapiro and Cynthia Black

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