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A Day of Fun and Learning: TOYBOX Manitoba at STEM Days

The Science behind TOYBOX

May 8, 2024

The TOYBOX Team had the pleasure of participating in STEM Days at the University of Winnipeg. The event had two sessions, each attended by elementary school students in grades 5 and 6, for a total of 45 participants. The day was filled with engaging and educational activities designed to promote literacy, numeracy, and wellness. The students participated in three main activities: a Scavenger Hunt, Joy Jars, and Bingo.

Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt was a dynamic activity requiring students to use basic compass reading skills and directional knowledge. The children were divided into groups and given instructions to find prize tickets. The excitement was palpable as students eagerly followed each instruction, counting their steps and orienting themselves using the compass.

Joy Jars

The Joy Jar activity focused on wellness and literacy. Students wrote down things that bring them joy on small coloured paper and placed them in the TOYBOX Joy Jars to be shared with the community. It was heartwarming to see the jars fill up with the students' joyful reflections.

ToyBox Bingo

Bingo was a huge hit with both groups. Led by Yeong, the game required students to use their memory and cognitive skills. The room was filled with laughter and excitement as students checked their bingo sheets and waited for the next number to be called. The sense of community and teamwork was evident as they cheered each other on.

Throughout the event, it was clear that the activities were not only fun but also educational. The Scavenger Hunt helped students practice their numeracy skills and navigate using a compass, enhancing their spatial awareness. The Joy Jars allowed students to reflect on their well-being and express their thoughts creatively, emphasizing the importance of mental health. Bingo helped sharpen their memory and cognitive skills while fostering a sense of community.

STEM Days at the University of Winnipeg was a fantastic opportunity for the TOYBOX Manitoba Team to showcase our play-based learning approach. The event highlighted the scientific methods we use to develop our activities and demonstrated the positive impact of our programs on children's learning. We look forward to participating in future events and continuing to inspire and educate young minds.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this event a memorable success!

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