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Wellness Activities

Wellness activities focus on different areas of mental, physical, and spiritual health of families. While the main focus of the Toybox Manitoba Project was originally numeracy and literacy activities, the Toybox Manitoba group found there was an enormous need to include wellness activities as well. This is because it is extremely challenging for caregivers to engage with their children in meaningful ways to build literacy and numeracy skills without wellness. These activities focus on promoting relaxation and self-care to ensure caregivers and families are taking care of themselves. By sending these activities in the middle of the week, you will be reminded that taking breaks and taking care of yourself is important to practice on days that seem to stretch on (as Wednesdays usually do). While wellness activities are ultimately for you – the caregiver – feel free to include your children if you are up for it!

Here are two sample activities that will be changed monthly! If you wish to access more activities sign up