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English Letter Sounds

In the English language each letter of the alphabet makes specific sounds. Knowing the sounds associated with each letter helps to break down words, which is an important skill when learning to read and spell.

Some letters like B, D, J and K have the sound that they make at the beginning of their name.

Letters like F, S, L, and M have the sound that they make at the end of their name.

Letters like G, H, W and Y are unique, as the sound that they make is not heard in their name.
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Some letters can sound soft or hard. For example, the letter  C can sound soft like an S  in the word "city" or hard like a K  in the word "cat."

Point out letters in books, on street signs, and labels to practice the letter sounds you see.

Creating more opportunities for practice helps early readers connect letters to the sounds that they make. 
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English Letter Sound Chart

Click the PDF icon for a printable copy.

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