This is just a small sample of the activities that are part of ToyBox Manitoba! In the future there will be different ways to access the ToyBox Manitoba activities, but for now we are only sharing six strategies on the website per month. You can sign up to receive activities via email               

Meet Our Mascots

Jumping Literacy.PNG


Hi there! My name is Litty and I’m in charge of anything to do with literacy. I’m here to help you learn the alphabet, sound out letters, write sentences, and read! I can’t wait to go on a learning journey together!

Jumping Numeracy.PNG


Hey everyone! My name is Nume and I’m in charge of the numeracy activities. Which means if you ever need a friend to help you learn your numbers, add, subtract, multiply, or divide then I’m your doodle! Let’s work together to grow your math skills!

Jumping Wellness.PNG


Hello! My name is Welly, and you should know that I love wellness! We can work together when you’re feeling down or just need some motivation! I can’t wait to see you practice my favourite things...feelings, sharing, and love!