What we do: ToyBox Manitoba offers early learning activities and support in the areas of Language (literacy), Numbers (numeracy) and Wellness for families of children ages 2-to-8-years-old. Our project provides suggestions beyond what caregivers are already doing to support their children, and activities can be carried out in playful environments with little to no additional materials.

Why is this important? ToyBox Manitoba’s vision is that every child has the opportunity to access diverse and meaningful activities to support their growth. Each literacy and numeracy activity is organized into Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced levels to meet the needs of children at all stages of their early development. Wellness activities provide suggestions to support the emotional and physical well-being of families, and are not levelled. All activities include a rationale to explain their importance, and are supported by evidence based research.

"ToyBox Manitoba empowers caregivers to feel capable and worthy, and to have courage to raise children, especially during these difficult isolating times." - Dr. Sheri-Lynn Skwarchuk

Our Mission

To create diverse and accessible literacy, numeracy and wellness activities for children ages 2-to-8-years-old.

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Our Vision

A world where every child can access meaningful research-based literacy, numeracy, and wellness activities.

Our Team

A collaborative group of educators, caregivers, university and high school students, working to provide free support for families.

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