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You Belong with Me!
What Belongs Together?


Walk around and point out objects that belong together, naming them as you go.

Tip: Such as a pillow and pillowcase, a fork and a knife, a pencil and an eraser, a tv and a remote, along with a chair and a table. Explain why these items belong together.


Have your child walk around and point out objects that belong together. See how many they can find!

Tip: Ask “What are they used for?” or “Why do they belong together?”


Place an object in a bag and have the child guess what it is, and what it belongs with. For example, if the object in the bag was a key they might say, “this is a key and it belongs with a lock!” 

Tip: If they struggle with naming the object or its mate, try giving a hint such as “these objects are both used for…”

(L12.1) You Belong With Me.PNG

Why is this important?

Naming and categorizing objects helps children develop thinking and language skills.

Reference: Blaye, A., & Jacques, S. (2009). Categorical Flexibility in Preschoolers: Contributions of Conceptual Knowledge and Executive Control. Developmental Science, 12(6), 863–873.

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