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Yearly Happenings
Here We Go Again!


Name and talk about what happens during the different seasons.

Tip: In winter, it snows, and we build snowmen. In spring, snow melts and flowers bloom.



Connect the months of the year to different seasons.

Tip:  To connect a month and its weather, write or draw about it. 


Talk about important events that happen in different months and seasons. 

Tip: Talk about birthdays, national/civic holidays, and religious events that you may celebrate.

(L4.6) Yearly Happenings.PNG

Why is this important?

 Connecting the months to important events will help your child understand how a calendar works. 

Reference: Friedman, W. J. (2000). The development of children's knowledge of the times of future events. Child development, 71(4), 913-932.

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