What is the Temperature Today?
Will I Need a Hat?


As your child gets dressed to go outside, talk about what they need to wear based on the weather.

Tip: “It is cold outside today so you need to wear a jacket,” or “The sun is out today so we need sunscreen.”


Check the weather with your child and talk about what to wear based on the temperature.

Tip: Make decisions about what to wear by using a weather app, a thermometer, listening to the radio, or feeling the temperature outside.


Have your child check the weather each morning to choose the clothing they think is best for the temperature, and discuss their choices.

Tip: “There is a high chance of rain today, do you think you should bring your umbrella?”

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Why is this important?

Understanding temperature is an important life skill that helps children plan their day.

Reference: Moore, D. A. (1999). Some like it hot: Promoting measurement and graphical thinking by using temperature. Teaching Children Mathematics, 5(9), 538.