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What is Storytelling?

Around the world, people use stories to share language and knowledge between generations.

Oral storytelling contributes to children’s language development by practicing listening skills, vocabulary, grammar, and developing an understanding of story structure.

Types of Stories:


Explore a variety of stories to find ones that your child enjoys.

  • Cultural stories

  • Myths and legends

  • Fairy Tales and Fables

  • Mysteries

  • Fantasy and Science Fiction

  • Stories from family members’ personal experiences

(L7.6) Words that Rhyme With….PNG
(L2.3) First, Next, Last.PNG

Visit our Sequencing resource to learn more

about story structure.

Common Story Structure:


Many stories that we know and love share a similar structure.​

  • Setting and characters are introduced

  • A problem starting event happens

  • Characters react and make a plan

  • Characters make attempt(s) to solve problem

  • Consequences arise

  • Problem is resolved.

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