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Welcome to our themed Wellness Activities Archives

At Home

Try THE chORE jaR

(W1.5) Try the Chore Jar.PNG

Clean UP everywhere

(W5.3) Clean Up Everywhere.PNG

Take off the pressure

(W6.3) Take Off the Pressure.PNG

home is where the art is

(W12.6) Home is Where the Art is.PNG

Water Safety

The water activities provided on this website are intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. They are not intended to replace professional advice, training, or supervision. The website owners and operators are not responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses that may result from participating in these activities. Participants should always exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when engaging in any water activities. Participants should also be aware of the risks and hazards involved in water activities, such as drowning, hypothermia, infections, injuries, etc. Participants should consult their physician before engaging in any water activities if they have any medical conditions or concerns.

Water Tub

(W) Water Tub.PNG

wavy breathing

(W) Wavy Breathing.PNG

Mindful Moments

(W) Mindful Moments.PNG

Drinking WATER

(W) Drinking water.PNG

Exploring the Outdoors!

The great outdoor

(W10.2) The Great Outdoors.PNG

All about sprouts

(W9.6) All About Sprouts!.PNG

Get Moving

Enjoy the simple things

(W10.3) Enjoy The Simple Things.PNG

Camping at home

(W11.2) Camping at Home.PNG

Create your own hopscotch

(W11.1) Create Your Own Hopscotch!.PNG

Let's Move

(W4.4) Stay Active Have Fun V2.PNG


Dance party

(W11.5) Dance Party.PNG


(IL.2) Drumming.PNG

 Play that Funky Music!

Play that Funky Music!.PNG

Dance It Out

(W7.5) Dance It Out.PNG

Life Cycles

 Ground Yourself

(IW.5) Ground Yourself.PNG

 What Am I Doing Today?

(W13.3) What Am I Doing Today_.PNG

 I Wonder Where The Birdies Are?

Quietly Connecting

(W8.6) Quietly Connecting.PNG

Design and Creation

Cooking with colours

(W7.3) Cooking with Colours.PNG

My happy space

(W1.1) Wellness My Happy Space.PNG

Sacred sleep space

(W6.6) Sacred Sleep Space.PNG

Peace corner

(W6.2) Peace Corner.PNG.png

"I love"

High standards? think again

Love languages

writing from the heart

(W13.2) Writing from the Heart .PNG

1, 2, 3, What I Love About Me

(W11.3) 1, 2, 3... What I Love About Me.PNG

Change and Transformation

Describe your dreams

(W7.6) Describe Your Dreams.PNG

Shift your thinking

(W2.4) Shift Your Thinking.PNG

Keeping nature happy

(W7.4) Keeping Nature Happy.PNG.png

Time for a stroll

(IW.12) Time for a Stroll.PNG

Back to School


(W2.2) Handling Conflict Positively.PNG


(W7.2) Keep in Touch.PNG


Practicing Prompts.png


(W4.3) Hugging is a Choice.PNG

Lazy Days of Summer

Grounding Yourself Through Nature
(W8.1) Grounding Yourself Through Nature.PNG
Relax with colouring
(W8.2) Relax With Colouring.PNG
Acknowledging anxiety
(W1.2) Wellness Acknowledging Anxiety.PNG
tips for a good night sleep
(W5.5) Tips for a Good Night Sleep.PNG

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