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Weather Dangers, Tides and White Caps, Oh my!
Stormy Challenges


Talk about water dangers. Swim within arms’s reach; wear a life jacket.

Tip: Use words to describe water quality: deep/shallow, clear/murky, sandy/rocky,

gentle/rough (waves), fresh/salt water.


Draw/make a poster about outdoor water dangers.

Tip: Never swim alone; Stay with your caregiver; Supervise with no distractions (no phones, sleeping, book reading, multi-tasking); Stay in shallow water; Get out of water when there is thunder or lightning.


Write words or a story describing water safety tips.

Tip: White caps warn us about strong winds. When caught in a strong current, swim parallel to the shore, until you move out of the current. Know the tide schedule so you are prepared.

(L) Weather Dangers, Tides and White Caps, Oh my!.PNG

Why is this important?

Even at young ages, children can be trained on water safety.

Reference: Turgut, T., Yaman, M. & Turgut, A. (2016). Educating children on water safety for drowning prevention. Soc Indic Research, 129, 787-801.

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