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The Story of "The Three Sisters"

Once there were three sisters who lived in a field. Each sister was different. The first sister was very small and dressed in green. She needed her oldest sister to help her stand and keep her off the dirty ground. The middle sister wore bright yellow and loved the warm sun. The oldest sister stood tall above the others and dressed in green with long blond hair. Although each sister was different, they all loved each other and stayed close to support each other. One day, a boy came to play in the field. The sisters wondered where he went at the end of the day. While the youngest sister was watching the boy, she disappeared. The other two sisters were so sad and wondered where she went. The next day, the oldest sister disappeared! Now there was only one sister left. She called out for her sisters to return but they could not hear her. Soon it was harvest season and the little boy heard the third sister crying. He picked her up, and took her back to his house. She was so happy when she saw her other two sisters waiting for her. The three sisters enjoyed the warm house. Each sister turned out to be a special plant, and they worked together to help each other grow. The oldest sister was corn who held up the little bean sister from crawling along the ground. The middle sister was squash who grew all around them to keep them safe. They all made a beautiful soup to share food nutrients with the boy and his family. That is why in some Indigenous communities, corn, beans and squash are known as “the three sisters.”

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