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The Four Stages of Life
A Journey from Infant to Elder


Using pictures, talk about the Four Stages of Life: Infant, Youth, Adult, Elder.

Tip: Use pictures of family: siblings, cousins, parents, or grandparents.



Using pictures, sort family members into the Four Stages of Life.

Tip:  Ask “Is your sister in the same stage as your cousin?” or “Which stage is Grandma in?”


 Talk about the roles of someone from each of the Four Stages of Life. 

Tip: Ask “What roles do youth play? and What roles do adults play?” 

Reference: Bell, N., Dr. (june 9, 2014). Teaching by the Medicine Wheel: An Anishinaabe framework for Indigenous education. Education Canada Network.

(IL.5) The Four Stages of Life.PNG

Why is this important?

 Using the medicine wheel, children are able to start understanding their cultural teachings by talking about it with family. 

Looking for more information?

Check out our Medicine Wheel resource to learn about connecting family and cultural teachings. 

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