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Try not to put too much pressure on yourself as a caregiver. Focus on essential tasks: make sure you and your family are fed and clean. Praise yourself for what you were able to accomplish, despite the challenges you faced during the day. 

[Tip]: Use a rough day as a learning opportunity for you and your child to talk about stress. Explore what stress is, what things can cause it, how we can manage it, and who we can ask for help.

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Why is this important?

Being mindful of the way you speak to yourself helps to handle stress, creates a healthier home environment, improves social relationships, and also models useful coping mechanisms for your child to draw upon.

Reference: Frewen, P. A., Evans, E. M., Maraj, N., Dozois, D. J. A., & Partridge, K. (2007). Letting go: Mindfulness and negative automatic thinking. Cognitive Therapy and Research, 32, 758–774. Keng, S.-L., Smoski, M. J., & Robins, C. J. (2011). Effects of mindfulness on psychological health: a review of empirical studies. Clinical Psychology Review, 31(6), 1041–1056.

Take Off the Pressure
  It Is Okay to Be Stressed Sometimes!

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