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Sorting and Counting
   What Goes Together?


Together go around the house and find items with different colours.

Tip: Name the colours and count each item you find e.g., one yellow pencil, 3 white pieces of paper, 4 black shoes, 1 red cup, etc. 



Using the items found around the house, sort them by colours into separate groups.  

Tip: Create paper labels or use coloured bowls to hold the sorted items.


Using the collected and sorted items, choose a handful of items from two separate groups.

Tip: Write down how many items they have in each colour sorted group.  For a challenge, help them add two colour sorted group items together.

(N11.1) Sorting and counting.PNG

Why is this important?

Everyday activities like counting, sorting, matching, observing shapes, and conversation about sizes can benefit children to develop early number skills.

Reference: Hannula-Sormunen, M. M., Lehtinen, E., & Räsänen, P. (2015). Preschool children’s spontaneous focusing on numerosity, subitizing, and counting skills as predictors of their mathematical performance seven years later at school. Mathematical Thinking and Learning, 17(2-3), 155-177. DOI: 10.1080/10986065.2015.1016814

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