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Sing the Letters
Hear What They Say!


Sing the ABC song anywhere, loudly, softly, and in silly voices!

Tip: Say the letters “L” “M” “N” “O” “P” slowly and clearly. 



Sing the ABCs using the sound each letter makes instead of the letter names themselves.

Tip: Ask what letter your child hears at the beginning of common words like table, door, and chair.


Sing the ABCs while pointing out things that start with each letter.

Tip: You can also try learning the ABC song in another language or try singing it backwards!

Reference: Campbell, S. (2016). Playing with phonics: Teaching letters and sounds. Every Child, 22(4), 10-11. Kaye, E. L., & Lose, M. K. (2019). As easy as abc? teaching and learning about letters in early literacy. The Reading Teacher, 72(5), 599–610. Nelson, C. (2000). Neural plasticity and human development: The role of early experience in sculpting memory systems. Developmental Science, 3(2), 115-136.

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Why is this important?

Knowing the alphabet helps children understand the connection between letters, letter sounds, and words.

Looking for more information?


Check out our English Letter Sounds resource!

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