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Shape Poetry
Making Shapes with Words 

Shape poems are images made out of words.

Shape poems can be full sentences, phrases, or even single words in the shape of the object they describe.


 Look at shape poems with your child.

Tip: Ask your  child to point out words that they recognize. 



Help your child create simple shape poems with words or short phrases. 

Tip: Describe the park, the characteristics of a tree, the colors of a rainbow. 


Encourage your child to write a few descriptive sentences and help them form the sentences into a shape that relates to their description.

Tip: Descriptive writing often includes the five senses (sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch) as well as emotions.

(L9.4) Shape Poetry.PNG

Why is this important?

Shape poetry offers a fun way to develop vocabulary and build interest in reading and writing. 

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