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Playing with Patterns 
 Ready, Set, Repeat!



Make simple patterns using objects like scrap paper, flowers, grass, rocks, leaves, or toys.

Tip: Start with simple 2 object patterns like rock, flower, rock, flower (repeat).


Create patterns based on objects’ size, shape, and colour.

Tip: Try making patterns with 3 objects, like cup, cup, spoon, fork (repeat).  


Have your child create patterns and describe them to you. 

Tip: Can they make patterns with 4 objects, like sock, pencil, pencil, book, marker (repeat)?

Reference: Lee, J., Collins, D., & Melton, J. (2016). What Does Algebra Look Like in Early Childhood? Childhood Education, 92(4), 305–310.

Why is this important?

 Describing and creating patterns sets the foundation for other kinds of mathematical thinking. 

Looking for More Information?

Check out Patterns resource to learn more about their creation!

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