Foodtastic Counting
Math in Your Meal!


During meals, count food items and move them across the plate as you count.

Tip: Count carrots, blueberries, or pieces of cheese. 


When sharing snacks, pass out pieces one at a time.

Tip: Talk about what happens if there is not enough for everyone to have the same amount.


Organize snacks into groups of the same size, then try skip-counting.

Tip: Make groups of 2, 3 or 5, then count by twos, threes or fives. 

Looking for More Information?

Visit our Resources page for extra tips as well as a printable 100 chart & 10 frames!

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Why is this important?

Counting out loud helps children attach meaning to counting objects and understanding place values, which both are important in math as they are used to compute larger numbers.  

Reference: VandeWalle, J. A. (2011). Elementary and Middle School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally. Pearson Canada. (p. 191)