Counting in Many Languages
Practice Counting Everywhere!


Count in Cree or another language that you know.

Tip: Use Cree number words: peyak (one), niso (two), nisto (three), newo (four), niyanan (five).


Show a small group of objects and ask, “How many are there?”

Tip: Try using Cree number words - nikotosik (six), tepakohk (seven), enanyow (eight), kekatch mitataht (nine), mitataht (ten).


Learn number words beyond “ten” in Cree or other languages to answer, “how many?”

Tip: Look for patterns in the Cree number words for numerals 10 to 20 and use the words while counting:

mitataht (10), mitataht peyakosap (11), mitataht nisosap (12), mitataht nistosap (13), mitataht newo sap (14), mitataht niyanosap (15), mitataht nikotosap (16), mitataht tepakohksap (17),

mitataht eynanowosap (18), kekac nistanow (19), nistanow (20).

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Why is this important?

Counting in another language helps  improve focus, memory, and ability to multitask, which are essential skills for other math concepts.  

Looking for More Information?

Visit our Resources page for extra tips as well as a printable 100 chart, 10 frames, and Cree number pronunciation guide.

Reference: Marian, V., & Shook, A. (2012). The cognitive benefits of being bilingual. Cerebrum: the Dana forum on brain science, 2012, 13.