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Nume Says Clap your Hands!
  You Can Count on Me 


Clap or tap a short rhythm, encouraging your child to copy the rhythm after you.

Tip: Choose a short rhythm at a slow speed.


Clap a rhythm, encouraging your child to copy after you. Count the number of claps that make up the rhythm together.

Tip: One syllable words work best with single claps, while faster claps in the rhythm could be paired with multi-syllable words.


Clap a rhythm, encouraging your child to copy after you. Come up with a sentence that can be spoken to the rhythm. Compare the number of claps in the rhythm to the number of words in your made-up sentence.

Tip: Take turns, allow your child to clap a rhythm which you will copy.

Nume Says Clap your Hands!.PNG

Why is this important?

Direct connections with mathematics and music show positive results, as many ideas in music relate to procedures in math. 

Reference: Sellars. (2017). Music and Numeracy. In Numeracy in Authentic Contexts. Springer Singapore Pte. Limited. Journal of Music Teacher Education , Volume 1(2),16-23. Barry, N. (1992). Music and Education in the Elementary Music Methods Class.

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