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No Fail Bannock
Baking Together


While pointing, read the recipe out loud including the ingredients and steps. Help your children follow the steps as needed.

Tip: Encourage your children to name their special Bannock (Keagan’s Extra-Yummy Super-Scrumptious Bannock).



Read the recipe out loud together. Let the children do the measuring, mixing, and kneading with your assistance as needed.

Tip: Talk about the measurement of each ingredient, and note that some measurements may have more than others.


 Ask your children to read the recipe aloud and gather ingredients and tools (bowl, measuring spoons, etc.).

Tip: Assist as needed, while they take the lead.

Reference: Gavin, M.L (2014, November). Cooking with Preschoolers. Kids Health

(IL.3) No Fail Bannock.PNG

Why is this important?

This activity will help children learn about measurements, recognizing ingredients, and how to read recipes. 

Looking for more information?

Check out our Measurement & Cooking resource our printable Bannock Recipe!

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