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Imagination is a Powerful Tool



Calm your mind by imagining yourself in a peaceful situation or setting, such as the beach or in the setting of your favourite book. Try this together with your child, when they need help calming down.

Why is this important?

Calming the mind and body can help you stay focused in challenging situations.

References: MacIntyre, P., & Gregersen, T. (2012). Emotions that facilitate language learning: The positive-broadening power of the imagination. doi: 10.14746/ssllt.2012.2.2.4 Taylor, S., Pham, L., Rivkin, I., & Armor, D. (1998). Harnessing the imagination. mental simulation, self-regulation, and coping. The American Psychologist, 53(4), 429-39. doi:10.1037/0003-066X.53.4.429.

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