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Money Talks

Show Me How Much!

Why is this important?

Becoming familiar with the denominations of currency (100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 1) helps children develop their skills in addition, multiplication, estimation, and mental math. 



When shopping with your child, talk about how much things cost and show them price tags.

Tip:  Use words like, “buy” and “pay”. 



Model how to read prices with dollars and cents. 

Tip: Show and say the price of an item in a store, flyer or vending machine, and have your child repeat it.



When looking at prices, have your child show the amount of dollars and cents with their fingers.

Tip: Show $3.25 by raising 3 fingers for the dollar. Then show $0.25 by raising 10 fingers twice, followed by 5 fingers.