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Math in Art
Surrounded by Shapes


Point out simple shapes in images, and name them.

Tip: Shapes can be found everywhere from picture books to posters and signs in your community!


 Ask your child to find and name shapes they see around them.

Tip: Talk about the similarities and differences between shapes like squares, rectangles, and diamonds.


Talk about the differences between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes that you see.

Tip:  2-D shapes are flat and 3-D shapes have a length, width, and height.

(N3.5) Math in Art.PNG

Why is this important?

Identifying shapes helps children learn their properties and differences.

Looking for more information? 

Check out our Shapes resource to view see which ones you may be able to identify in art!

Reference: Tatsuoka, K. K., Corter, J. E., & Tatsuoka, C. (2004). Patterns of Diagnosed Mathematical Content and Process Skills in TIMSS-R across a Sample of 20 Countries. American Educational Research Journal, 41(4), 901–926.

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