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Math in Architecture
From Past to Present


Point out the different shapes you see in buildings around you.

Tip: Talk about how buildings are made up of different shapes like squares, rectangles, and arches.


Encourage your child to point out the different shapes they see in buildings.

Tip: Talk about the similarities and differences between buildings and the shapes used to make them.


Point out the different 3-dimensional shapes used in architectural design.

Tip: Peaked roofs form a triangular prism, domed roofs are half of a sphere, grain silos and columns are cylinders. 

Reference: Williams, K. (1998) Architecture and Mathematics: An Introduction for Elementary and Middle School Children. _and_Mathematics_An_Introduction_for_Elementary_and_Middle_School_Children

Why is this important?

Learning to see the shapes and angles that make up the buildings around us is helpful when trigonometry and geometry are taught in school.

Looking for More Information?

Check out our shapes resource to see which ones you can see or find in architecture!

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