Secret Message Box
A Special Message for Someone Special!


Write or draw messages for family members or friends and place them in a decorated message box; then read them together as a family.

Tip: Use shoe or tissue boxes, as well as stickers, markers, images, or paint for decoration.


Have everyone create and decorate their own message box, and share simple messages with one another.

Tip: Encourage your child to write letters or sound out words in their messages.


Encourage your child to write messages and memories to save in their own message box.

Tip: Family members can read these at a special time, like the end of the school year or New Year’s Eve.

Secret Message Box.png

Why is this important?

This activity will support children in learning how to write sentences as well as express their thoughts in writing.

Reference: Chohan, S. K. (2011). Any letter for me? Relationships between an elementary school letter writing program and student attitudes, literacy achievement, and friendship culture. Early Childhood Education Journal, 39(1), 39–50.

Looking for More Information?

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