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Listen to the Rythmn
Movin’ and Groovin’ 


Have fun dancing and clapping to the rhythm of music together.

Tip: Take turns playing fast and slow music.


Sing rhyming songs using real and made up words.

Tip: Check out our Rhyming Songs resource on our website.


Find new ways to create music and rhythms like yodelling, throat singing, or “scatting” in jazz music.

Tip: Create your own songs or try changing one you already know.

Reference: Holliman, A. J., Wood, C., & Sheehy, K. (2010). The contribution of sensitivity to speech rhythm and non-speech rhythm to early reading development. Educational Psychology, 30(3), 247-267.

(L3.6) Listen to the Rhythm.PNG

Why is this important?


Children learn to read through their exploration and understanding of rhythm and pattern

Looking for more information?

Check out our Rhyming resource.

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