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Happy Healthy Mouths
Smile Vocabulary


Talk about the parts of your mouth, together naming each part.

Tip: Using a mirror to point to the parts in their mouth or your mouth such as teeth, lips, tongue, gums, etc.)


Find oral health items in your house and together talk about the name and purpose of each item.

Tip: Find items such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, gums, mouthwash, etc. Together sound out the letters in each item's name.


Write the words of the oral health items on paper and cut them out. Have your child match the words to the item.  

Tip: Have your child read the word to you, sounding out each letter. Then match the words to each item.  

(L10.2)Healthy Happy Mouth Words.PNG

Why is this important?

Matching words to items by reading and writing can enhance your child’s vocabulary and print awareness.  

Reference: Puranik, C. S., Lonigan, C. J., & Kim, Y.-S. (2011). Contributions of emergent literacy skills to name writing, letter writing, and spelling in preschool children. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 26(4), 465–474.

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