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Fraction Feast
Get Cookin'!


Introduce the concept of “half” (½) while cooking or baking, and that two halves make one whole. 

Tip: Use oranges, a stick of butter, pizza, or measuring cups to show halves.


Introduce more fractions and explain how to read and say them.

Tip: Find the measuring cup that has a 1 and a 2, separated by a line. That means half a cup.” Repeat for ¼, ¾, ⅓, and ⅔ .


Talk about adding fractions while cooking or baking.

Tip: Talk about how you would double or triple a recipe. 

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Why is this important?

Fractions are used in everyday situations, and introducing fraction words improves your understanding of math.

Looking for More Information?

Check out our resource all about Fractions and how they work!

Reference: McMullen, J., Hannula-Sormunen, M. M., & Lehtinen, E. (2014). Spontaneous focusing on quantitative relations in the development of children’s fraction knowledge. Cognition and Instruction, 32(2), 198–218.

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