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First, Next, Last . . .
How Does the Story Go?


Tell a story using two pictures (by drawing them, using books/magazines, or looking online).  Ask which image should be first, and which comes next

Tip: Label the images with words like “first” and “next”.



Show your child three pictures that tell a story in a mixed up order. Ask your child to show which picture should be first, next, and last

Tip: Label the images with words like “first, next, and last.”


 Show your child five pictures that tell a story in a mixed up order.  See if your child can order the pictures in a way that makes sense. 

Tip: Label the images with words like, “first, next, then, after, and last.”

(L2.3) First, Next, Last.PNG

Why is this important?

Understanding the order of events builds skills for reading and writing

Looking for more information?

Check out our printable First, Next, Last practice Prompts and Template to create your own set!

References: Chase, M., Son, E. H., & Steiner, S. (2014). Sequencing and graphic novels with primary-grade students. The Reading Teacher, 67(6), 435–443. Pollette, N. (2007). Teaching thinking skills with picture books, K-3. Portsmouth, NH: Teacher Ideas Press.

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