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Environmental Print Bingo 
Spot Me If You Can!


Create a bingo card with your child by cutting out environmental print from packages found at home on their toys/books/movies/favourite foods.

Tip:  Use the bingo card and together search around your home for various environmental prints. For example, the Disney logo on a DVD could be pointed out, so put a sticker or a stamp of the Disney logo on their bingo card.


Create a bingo card with environmental print from businesses and street signs in the neighbourhood.

Tip:  When walking or driving, bring along your bingo card. If for example you see a stop sign, have your child put a sticker, stamp, or drawing of the stop sign on their bingo card.


Create a bingo card with common environmental print images. 

Tip: Allow for enough space below each image for your child to write what the logo represents. For example, an image of the Golden Arches would indicate the word McDonalds. 

(L10.4) Environmental Print Bingo.PNG

Why is this important?


Early exposure to familiar and common environmental print, words, and symbols is an introduction to written language.

Reference: Giles, R. M., & Tunks, K. W. (2010). Children Write Their World: Environmental Print as a Teaching Tool. Dimensions of Early Childhood, v38 n3, 23–30.

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