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Encouraging Conversation 
I Wonder Why…?


Narrate your daily tasks as you complete them.

Tip:  “I’m putting on your socks. Next let’s put your shirt over your head and stick your arms through.”


Ask questions about things you do together and encourage answers to be given in full sentences. 

Tip: Talk about what you are doing today, tomorrow, and what you did yesterday.


Ask questions that encourage creative thinking and imagination in order to answer. Try to avoid “yes” and “no” answers!

Tip: Why do cats have whiskers? Why do we have to brush our teeth? Why is there a light in the fridge?

(L6.4) Encouraging Conversation.PNG

Why is this important?


 Encouraging participation in conversations can help grow vocabulary. 

Reference: Song, S., Su, M., Kang, C., Liu, H., Zhang, Y., McBride-Chang, C., Tardif, T., LI, H., Liang, W., Zhang, Z., & Shu, H. (2014). Tracing children’s vocabulary development from preschool through the school-age years: An 8-year longitudinal study. Developmental Science, 18(1), 119-131. doi: 10.1111/desc.12190

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