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Deck of Cards
   . . . Count the Deck!


Use a deck of cards to say the numbers, guess how many cards are in one pile, or count the symbols on the cards to answer “how many?”

Tip: You can make your own deck of cards with paper! 



Make snakes with the cards and see who can make the longest snake. Guess how many cards are in each snake.  Then count the cards to check.

Tip: Introduce vocabulary words such as number words, long, short, left, right, circle snake, curly snake, and straight snake.


Create patterns and sequences, find even or odd numbers, find number matches, or take two cards and guess their total when added together.

Tip: You can remove the face cards and aces or give them a value (aces = 1). 

(N5.6) Deck of Cards.PNG

Why is this important?

Card games expose children to numbers, counting, and number facts.

Reference: Scalise, N. R., Daubert, E. N., & Ramani, G. B. (2020). Benefits of Playing Numerical Card Games on Head Start Children’s Mathematical Skills. Journal of Experimental Education, 88(2), 200–220.

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