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Give everyone a chance to get moving and refocus their energy. 

[Tip]: Have your child match their movements to various sounds and types of music. You may want to choose songs that have a strong beat.

Why is this important?

Dancing is a fun way to develop spatial and body awareness and it can be a great way to help your child shift their attention and energy between activities. Dancing also lowers stress levels and encourages creativity and self-expression.

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References: Lorenzo-Lasa, R., Ideishi, R. I., & Ideishi, S. K. (2007). Facilitating preschool learning and movement through dance. Early Childhood Education Journal, 35(1), 25–31. Quiroga Murcia, C., Kreutz, G., Clift, S., & Bongard, S. (2010). Shall we dance? An exploration of the perceived benefits of dancing on well-being. Arts & Health, 2(2), 149-163.

Dance It Out!
 Let’s Get Moving!

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