Create Your Own Book
Tiny Authors


Have your child tell you a story using photographs or drawings and make it into a book.

Tip: Story topics include family, friends, pets, and imaginary creatures.


Create a book using photographs or drawings, and have your child practice printing words about the story. 

Tip: Try tracing, copying, or printing, depending on your child’s interest. 


Create a picture book and write short sentences for each page using beginning, middle, and end storylines. 

Tip: Plan out your story before writing it. 

Reference: Campana, K. & Dresang, E. T. (2012). Bridging the early literacy gulf. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 48(1), 104 Fountas and Pinnell, Continuum of Literacy Learning. 2011

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Why is this important?

This activity helps children become familiar with storylines.

Looking for more information?

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