Clock Talks
Talk About Time in Everyday Situations! 


 Talk about the numbers on a clock and how long an activity will take.

Tip: “It is 11:00 right now, if we play outside for 10 minutes the clock will say 11:10.” 


Cover the minutes on a digital clock and ask your child to show you the hour using their fingers.

Tip: Show 11:00 by showing 10 fingers, closing both hands, then showing 1 finger. 


Cover the hour on a digital clock and ask your child to show you the minutes using their fingers. Uncover the hour and combine the two numbers to show the time.

Tip: Show 8:10 by first raising 8 fingers for the hour, followed by 10 fingers for the minutes.

Click here for a helpful Video Tip!

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Why is this important?

Knowing how to read a clock is a practical life skill that familiarizes children with the numbers 1 to 60.

Looking for More Information?

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