Calendar Conversations
How Many Days Until. . . ?


 Talk about time, like the passing of days, or how many sleeps until a special occasion.

Tip: Show the number of sleeps on a paper or digital calendar. 


Using a digital or paper calendar, ask your child to point and count the number of days until a certain event.

Tip: “If today is Wednesday and Grandma is coming to visit on Saturday, can you count how many days/sleeps until she arrives?”


Using a digital or paper calendar, ask questions like, “If today is Wednesday, how many days until next Wednesday?” or “How many Thursdays are there in this month?”

Tip: Point out how 8 days is the same as 1 week and 1 day, how 14 days is 2 weeks, and other similar concepts.

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Why is this important?

One of the best ways for children to learn about the passing of time is to use calendars in their daily lives.

Reference: Beneke, S. J., Ostrosky, M. M., & Katz, L. G. (2008). Calendar time for young children. YC Young Children, 63(3), 12-16