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No Song Sounds The Same


Play or sing a song with your child. Encourage them too dance and move along to the song. 

Tip: Together act out words like quiet, loud, smooth, bumpy, slow, or fast.



Play or sing a song with your child. Have your child choose a secret word to act out while dancing

Tip: Take turns switching roles in guessing the word that you act out.  


Play or sing a song with your child. Ask them what words they would use to describe the music.

Tip: Introduce the following Italian musical terms that your child could act out:

Forte (loud)

Piano (soft)

Largo (slow)

Presto (fast)

Staccato (short)

Back to Bach Musical Terms.PNG

Why is this important?

 Music is a fun and motivating way to encourage literacy skills.

Reference: Frasher. (2014). Music and Literacy: Strategies Using Comprehension Connections by Tanny McGregor. General Music Today, 27(3), 6–9.

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